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Arabescato Orobico has the following fundamental characteristics:
- excellent resistance to stress from pressure and bending
- great resistance to wear (i.e. to trampling)
- a very low water absorption value, resulting in being scarcely subject to damage from freezing;

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Place of extraction: : Camerata Cornello / Bergamo (Valle Brembana) / Serino Quarry / Scaravino Quarry / Darco Quarry
Basic varieties: Red, Pink, Grey-Pink, Grey

Physical-Mechanical properties

Uniaxial compressive strength EN 1926:2000 :
Rm = 125 MPa s = 16 MPa v = 0.1

Determination of flexural strength under concentrated load UNI EN 12372:2001 :
Rtf = 11.4 MPa s = 4.5 Mpa

Apparent density UNI EN 1936:2001 Weight :
pb = 2704 Kg/m3

Abrasion resistance UNI EN 14157:2005 :
17.7 mm

Water absorption coefficient by capillarity UNI EN 1925:2001
C1 = 0.083 g/m 2. s 0.5


Used in both public and domestic settings such as offices, restaurants, hotels, churches, banks, trade fair centres and for decoration in general.


Splitting exalts the chromatic features of the stone, allowing exclusive results.


The wide colour range of ARABESCATO OROBICO allows producing very fine articles of indisputable beauty.
With these qualities, Arabescato Orobico is a material which can be used both traditionally for flooring, facing etc. and for furnishing elements such as columns, vases, amphoras, tables, tops for bathrooms and objects in general, but also for outdoor facings with an unpolished surface. With exposed stones/split stones for walls of 15 cm and unpolished facings with thicknesses of 3 cm.

Arabescato Orobico is perfect for fine floors and facings, especially in large areas that allow showing off to the best the splendid geometric designs with open veins that are obtained by meticulous cutting and elaborate laying studies. The colours characteristics are highlighted in particular both by the polishing and by the splitting which exalt the warm colours.

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