Arabescato Orobico marble quarries

“CAVE GAMBA” has been present on markets in the stone sector since 1965. It quarries, cuts and sells “ARABESCATO OROBICO MARBLE”.

It works at 3 quarries called: Serino, Scaravino and Darco, located in Camerata Cornello (Bergamo) Italia. The colour of the blocks range from Grey to Grey-Pink, from Pink to Red. The production offered to customers includes blocks, slabs, customized cuts, facing stones and furnishing elements.

Due to its technical and aesthetic characteristics, ARABESCATO OROBICO marble is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The company works with architects and customers in order to obtain quality solutions for projects of excellence.

Arabescato Orobico Quarries

Office | Via Torquato Tasso, 24 | 24014 Piazza Brembana (Bergamo)
Production units | Serino Scaravino and Darco | 24010 Camerata Cornello (Bergamo) Italy

Tel. (+39) 0345 82638 | Fax. (+39) 0345 82516 | Mobile Ferrantini Alberto 335 6183267
VAT Reg. no. 02185650161 | Email: | Administration

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